Billing Software for Contractors

Bills and invoices are an integral measure for any company. Proper billing techniques can make or break a business, which is why every invoice must be straightforward and in a format that is easy for your customers to understand.

For electricians, plumbers, and general contractors alike, time is money and efficiency is key. When it comes to billing and invoicing, an invoice needs to be as simple and easy to produce as possible. Yet there is no one-size-fits-all billing routine that will encompass every aspect.

That is why 360e field management software has been optimized for contractors like you. All of our features, including billing, have been designed with you in mind.

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How Can 360e Billing Software Help You?

There is nothing worse than managing lingering jobs that have gone unpaid, or a pile-up of bills that have yet to be generated—all because of a struggle to stay organized! Thankfully, billing software can put your business on the fast track to keep you organized and up to date.

Here are just a few features of our advanced billing software:

  • Advance notification for new billing
  • Generate thorough bills with ease and speed
  • Customizable invoicing tools
  • Receive status alerts for incomplete invoices

Ensure that every invoice is based on accurate job and customer information and sent out quickly. When unanticipated expenses arise or billing information has changed, be sure to inform your customers right away with an updated invoice.

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Deliver Detailed Customer Invoice with Ease

360e will provide relevant customer and project information pulled from the job’s records in a quick-access display right there on the screen. Include all pertinent job information, such as tracked labor hours, incurred materials or equipment costs, and any necessary communication logs. Comprehensive invoice templates guide you through the process with ease.

We understand that every job is unique and your clients may need additional information. The customizing tools for 360e’s field management software allow you to display any specific information that you need. Whether you are looking for a general project summary, an extensive price breakdown or a comparison display of the original estimate, 360e has you covered. You can even include additional notes for clarification.

The built-in status alerts system will promptly notify you when it is time to generate an invoice and remind you to finish any outstanding incomplete bills and get them into the hands of your customers.

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Sync 360e with Your Existing Accounting Software

Do you already have a preferred software for billing? No problem! The billing software for 360e has been intentionally designed to be compatible with existing accounting programs such as QuickBooks. This feature allows a seamless flow between all of your records and your invoicing system.

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