360e’s electrical contractor software makes giving your accountant the information and records that he or she needs a breeze. The simple-to-use interface allows you to input data accurately, track costs and more. 360e intuitively organizes your information into QuickBooks Pro, allowing you to view metrics in real time and instantly share reports with your accountant.

Accountants Will Thank You for Having this Electrical Contractor Software

Accountants who work with electrical contractors that use 360e can’t stop praising the software because of features that make their lives easier such as:

  1. Customizable invoices: The ability to customize your invoices aids your branding and marketing efforts all the way through the payment process. Bookkeepers like that you can input exact descriptions of different line items, along with quantities, unit prices and multiple pay rates. Moreover, they love that 360e integrates with QuickBooks and other accounting software, making invoicing a seamless process.
  2. The ease of processing transactions: 360e sends you an alert when it’s time to send an invoice for a project and automatically sends the invoice on your behalf, if this is what you’d like the program to do. The software tracks when you receive electronic or credit card payments, and makes it simple to input payments made with checks.
  3. Real-time tracking capabilities: 360e’s electrical contracting software tracks everything from material costs to labor in real time, allowing you and your accountant to monitor expenses accurately, effectively and efficiently. Real-time tracking and data input facilitates the creation of tax returns and helps bookkeepers with employee payroll. It also identifies deductible expenses, creates financial statements and monitors your business’ growth. At the same time, real-time tracking allows you to find new ways to increase productivity and manage workforce time more effectively.

When implement tools like our electrical contractor software you work smarter and so does your bookkeeper. 360e brings you electrical contractor software with an intuitive interface that makes data entry, job tracking, staying organized and communication with your accountant simpler than ever before. Contact 360e today to arrange a personal demonstration and to experience the benefits for yourself.