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Dispatching can make or break a contracting business. Smooth, efficient dispatch procedures will set you ahead of all competition, so it’s important to focus on this crucial detail if you want to be a successful (and less stressed out) contractor. Here’s how to become a true hero to your customers, make your workdays easier, and grow your contracting business with better fleet and field management.

Dispatching Advice for Dependable Contractors

Organized dispatching is a must in today’s busy world. Here is some expert advice on how to get ahead in the dispatching game:

  • Hire right: The wrong dispatcher can be a disaster for you, your field staff, and your customers. Be sure to look for people who can handle a fast-paced environment, understand all your offered services, and know their way around your local service area. You’ll also need someone who’s upbeat and can keep drivers and customers in a good mood, even when things don’t go exactly as planned.
  • Support your staff: Keep service vans stocked with proper tools and common parts to make one-trip jobs the norm. Empower staff with the best custom tools and technology to optimize contractor dispatch.
  • Train in prioritization: Triage is key to successful dispatch operations. Make sure your dispatch employee can differentiate between homeowners requiring emergency service and jobs that can wait. Sometimes you might take customer status and patience into consideration, too. If the customer is a long-time, loyal one (or particularly demanding, but worth the trouble) you might instruct dispatchers to move them up on the service schedule.
  • Front-load: To maintain promised service levels, and get more done each day (for greater profits), front-loading can be a great strategy for contractor job scheduling and dispatch. Try scheduling routine jobs early in the day, so when urgent calls pile up later, you can fit them in.
  • Use smart routing: There’s a reason UPS is super strict with their drivers about routing. Optimal drive time and fuel efficiency factor into your company’s bottom line, so logical dispatch operations and accurate, ultra-efficient routing are essential. Occasionally, you may need to send technicians with specialized training to cross-town jobs, but it’s not worthwhile to be random about routing your workforce. Prompt arrivals mean more work is completed, and billable, that day.
  • Keep customers updated and track progress: Customers easily become frustrated with the slightest schedule change or delay. Even knocking on a door a few minutes early, without letting the customer know, can be a disaster, getting you started on the wrong foot with your customer. Trust is everything in contracting, and if you can keep the customer updated automatically and effortlessly—that’s even better. (See below for the solution.)
  • Use proper tech software tools: The right software helps every aspect of your contracting business, including dispatch. Choose high-quality field operations software created just for contractors, including plumbing businesses, HVAC technicians, appliance installers, and any business where fleet management is vital.

Advantages of Dispatching Software for Contractors

Whether you’re a plumber, HVAC company owner, or electrician, the right dispatching techniques and tools:

  • Increase productivity and profits.
  • Improve time management and make business operations more efficient.
  • Reduce stress for you and your field staff—so you can enjoy your job while providing better customer service overall.
  • Improve your reputation and earn better customer reviews.
  • Help grow your business.

Our dispatch technology helps contractors get organized to better serve customers, with less effort!

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