What is your electrical business’ competitive advantage? Discovering the answer to this question will allow you to stand out among your competitors and draw in customers. In addition to being vital to determining your business strategy, finding your competitive edge can translate into profits and be your key to successfully surviving in today’s competitive market. Utilize this article to understand how software designed for electrical contractors can bring this competitive advantage to your electrical business.

Electrical Business Management: Tips for Finding Your Competitive Advantage

  • Know your target customer. To have a competitive advantage, you must have a clear picture of who your target customer is. Use the reporting features in your software to determine the demographic of your most profitable customers.
  • Define the problem so you can sell the benefit. After determining your target customer’s biggest problems, develop unique solutions. For example, a beverage company doesn’t sell a drink, it sells an experience. With the help of electrical contractor software, you’ll ensure that your services and products deliver a cohesive message and the benefits are identified.
  • List the benefits that only your company offers. Out of these benefits, determine which are the most important to your clients and prospects. Once you know this, you’ll have a clearer picture regarding your company’s competitive advantage.
  • Know your specialization. The most successful companies are known for doing one or two things really well. While your company may be ready to tackle any job, determine which are the most profitable and play to your strengths. Use your electrical business management software to see if you tend to serve clients in a particular sector or industry.

Gaining Your Edge

Gaining a competitive advantage means surpassing what the competition offers. Ideas to do this include:

  • Exceptional customer service: Meet a client’s stated and implied needs. Notify clients about problems (or potential problems) right away and resolve them quickly. Keep the job site neat and tidy, and arrive prepared with all the materials needed. Ensure the work follows all industry standards. Use electrical contractor software to schedule follow-up visits. Provide maintenance for a longer period than your competitors do and guarantee your work.
  • Quality: The services performed by your employees and the equipment they have installed must be of the highest quality. Never give a client a reason to regret hiring your company. Workers must also look and behave professionally.
  • Consistency: Become a known and trusted name in your community or niche. Ensure your workers have the appropriate credentials and training. Promptly answer calls and be known for showing up at the promised times. Provide employees with uniforms and marked work vehicles that make them simple to identify. Provide repeat customers with dedicated account managers.

Knowing your competitive advantage involves knowing why anyone would do business with you instead of your competition. When prospects seek the services you offer, meet their expectations and nurture them with the help of 360e electrical contracting software. Designed by electricians for electricians, 360e is customizable software that manages all aspects of your contracting business, from lead nurturing and client billing to scheduling follow-up appointments.