Time equals BIG money in the contracting world, making efficiency a hot buzzword. When the budget for projects are tight and all general contractors seem to care about is the bid, it may seem hard to believe that other electricians can do the same job at a cheaper price and stay afloat. Their secret is high efficiencies with the help of modern technologies. Robust technologies—like 360e’s electrical contractors software was designed by electricians—provide a consistent and standardized approach to projects, allowing electrical contractors to benefit from short-term gains and long-term sustainability. The secret to this success is simple. Utilize all of the benefits that modern software systems provide to allow you to minimize frustrating and costly inefficiencies.

Gauging Financial Information to Determine Efficiencies

The most productive and efficient contractors know the exact cost of their employees and their time. They know the average revenue that each client and job brings to the company, as well as the value of repeat business to gain insights regarding:

  • Bottom line
  • Cost of mobilizing each job & tool depreciation
  • Amount of revenue needed to stay in business
  • Amount of revenue that each employee generates per hour (to ensure the company’s hourly rate is profitable)

Leveraging Technology for Increased Efficiencies

Technology within the electrical contracting field goes beyond building information modeling and integrated project delivery, which positively correlates to labor productivity. Technology also expands to the use of productivity-promoting tools that are mobile friendly and provide real-time updates in the field.

360e understands the pain points that electrical contractors go through on a day-to-day basis. With those points in mind, our all-in-one electrical contractor software eliminates many of those pain points such as fumbling for quotes, over scheduling, missed changes and slow billing. Our customized software allows you to seamlessly quote, schedule, track and bill, all from an easy to use dashboard that is accessible from a computer, tablet and smartphone.

Market demands necessitate prioritization and enhanced efficiencies. Electrical contractors management software provides electricians a comprehensive look at how their company operates by providing insights about business practices while considering the human element. 360e’s dynamic software allows you to handle every aspect of your business from a single platform. The following are just some of the features that 360e allows you to do:

  • Input and update customer data
  • Communicate with employees in the field
  • Change orders
  • Track job progress
  • Upload & store field notes on the fly
  • Instantly review metrics
  • Store work orders & notes to prevent future warranty calls
  • Streamline billing

All of these items allow you to eliminate missed opportunities and cash flow by having all your quotes, pictures and internal notes in one location.

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