Do you find that general business management software falls short and fails to meet the needs of your service company? The truth is, most software isn’t programmed to meet the unique industry needs of home service contractors. If you want to upgrade to better contractor software, you need to know what to look out for before committing!

At 360e, our business management software was carefully designed to support the success of plumbers, electricians, service experts, and members far and wide in the contracting industry. Today, we will explore project management software tools we know are essential to growing any contracting business.

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Field Management Software Features

Home service companies often have their hands full when it comes to managing and tracking budgets, schedules, invoices, and more. At 360e, we believe we can simplify all of these processes with the following crucial project management tools:

  • Job Management & TrackingKeep detailed reports on progress, labor, material expenses, and necessary permits for any given job. Stay ahead of all changes in the field and keep your employees updated with any adjustments or new job developments.
  • Sales & Client Management As the first point of contact, managing your sales team is pertinent. Easily track sales and successful customer service tactics to ensure a higher rate of closed leads. Easily access and maintain all current client information with the customer database. You can even record all relevant additional data, such as multiple addresses and custom site requirements, and manage the sales representatives assigned to the customer.
  • Invoicing & Billing 360e strives to be the best invoicing software for electricians and plumbing contractors available today, delivering comprehensive templates with customizable options to fit every job. You even have the option to add notes and additional data for any necessary clarification for your customers.
  • Advanced Scheduling Software Ensure that all of your employees stay organized and on target with 360e’s scheduling software for contractors. Create and manage schedules for multiple crews. Immediately know a specific technician’s availability and assign them to any pressing jobs or emergency calls.
  • Reporting & Communication Some site information and project data simply cannot wait. Stay in touch with all of your employees and communicate real-time information with the impressive speed of 360e’s messaging feature. Display all responses on your dashboard for quick visual reference.

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How Can 360e Improve My Small Business?

For any home service contractor, life is all about having the proper tools. So why not invest in the master tool that will help your daily business transactions stay organized and up to date? Service management software will have your desk free of that endless pile of clutter and keep you and your employees on the track of success!

360e has been explicitly optimized as the best job management software for all companies who specialize in the home service industry, such as electricians, plumbing contractors, and on-call field technicians.

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