The best field management software will help you acquire more work, not make you work harder. This means that the time you were previously using to manage your business’ employee time tracking, order intake process, scheduling, and billing will be freed up so that you can acquire more business opportunities as well as run a smoother operation. Take advantage of all that your field management software has to offer to expand your business, starting today.

Using Field Management Software to Grow Your Electrical Contracting Business

Network and partner with complementary businesses. Use your list of customers, their location and their referral sources to find partner opportunities with other contracting companies in the area. A partnership could lead to referral commissions for new work that comes from their recommendation. How many times have you been asked, “Can you recommend a reliable plumber” while completing a job? You most likely have one or two that you feel confident recommending. Why not take that to the next level and create a partnership so that it works both ways. Some contracting companies to consider include:

  • HVAC contractors
  • General contractors
  • Realtors
  • Natural gas contractors
  • Plumbers
  • Security companies

Create a customer referral program. Your happy customers can be your best evangelists. People love being able to give family and friends their recommendation for home improvement companies. Incentivize them further by offering a reward for their referrals. Send them a well-designed postcard or email newsletter that has a bold call to action that will catch their eye, for example:  Earn $50 off your next visit when you refer a friend! Use your field management software to track which customers earned their referral bonus. At the end of the year, make the reward extra special by sending a gift or gift certificate to the client who referred the most business in order to show your appreciation.

Enhance your company’s customer service. After you finish a job, it’s important to keepo in touch with your client. Repeat business is less expensive to acquire and more valuable than new business. Just as you nurture leads, nurture your existing customers to build trust and add an invaluable professional relationship. Do this using your electrical contractor software to schedule a follow-up call or visit. Schedule alerts for when you or an employee needs to respond to complaints, concerns, and compliments. Be helpful, be honest, and provide the customer service experience that you’d want someone to give your business or family.

The user-friendly features and efficiencies in 360e software make it simpler than ever to increase your customer base and develop relationships. The custom software is perfect for electrical contracting businesses of any size.