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The right employee and job scheduling software can change your life as a contractor, whether you do plumbing, HVAC, electrical, or related services. But how do you choose the right software tools for your contracting business? At 360e, we’ll help you understand what to look for in a scheduling software.

Manage a Growing Business Effortlessly? Yes, You Can

If you’re not keeping up with valuable contracting projects, you can spend your workdays frustrated and confused. That’s exhausting—and it prevents you from growing your business and enjoying business ownership. Fortunately, you can easily get out of your scheduling nightmare and take control with the right tools.

Your job scheduling and call booking software should keep your days organized and fuel business growth. It should allow you to:

  • View the company schedule in different formats. View by employee, job type, time period, and more.
  • Easily assign employees to scheduled jobs. For instance, drag and drop to assign the right technician for the job.
  • Put a team on it. Pull together and schedule multiple workers for a job in a single step.
  • Manage individual job timelines and adjust. Easily factor in change orders, adjust the job timeline, and reach milestones and project completion on time. The right software tools make it simple to check at a glance and see where each project is—and how close to completion it is. Know instantly if a job has fallen behind and see why.
  • Change work schedules with ease. Make adjustments to employee schedules. When someone calls in sick, you can quickly reassign another tech. The system can inform techs and/or clients about changes in real time.
  • Automatically remind customers of upcoming appointments. This software feature makes sure you get access to the property when you need to and impresses clients with your proactiveness and organizational skills.
  • Run reports to spot trends or check job status. With this information, for example, you can see what changes to make to personnel, vendors, or supply ordering processes—to avoid future job problems or delays. You can also run various types of status update reports to send to your business partners and much more.
  • Grow your business. With the right software to keep your scheduling organized, you’ll be able to add new clients to fill up your “found time.” (You can manage new leads with our software, too.) You’ll be amazed how much valuable time has been wasted due to poor job scheduling methods—or by using the wrong tools to manage job scheduling and call booking.
  • Go out to lunch without worry. An organized, fail-safe schedule is a big stress reliever. It’s like having your business on remote-control. You’re never out of the loop, and you might even be able to take a vacation.

Choose reliable, user-friendly software that offers all these features, and you’re good to go. Then, be sure to try the software for free to make sure you like it.

Try 360e Scheduling Software to Manage and Grow Your Contracting Business

Tired of feeling overwhelmed? Sick of falling behind on important jobs? Wondering where your days go? The right software tools can change that.

360e brings you easy-to-use job scheduling and call booking software—designed just for you. Our field management software was built by contractors, for contractors.

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