Communication is one of the key elements to running an electrical contracting business and maintaining employee and customer satisfaction. As communication continues to improve throughout the industry, contractors are finding that it’s not enough to finish a job on time and within budget. Today’s leading electrical businesses use all-in-one electrical software like 360e to improve the customer experience, lower costs, handle complex customer interactions, improve employee efficiency and gain a competitive edge.


How 360e’s Electrical Contractor Management Software Improves Communication

  • Share information: Give your employees all the information they need. 360e gives you the ability to share information, such as client phone numbers, gate codes, premise access information and more.
  • Real-time information: The field service management software by 360e provides field agents with the latest information needed regarding clients, orders and other details in real time so they never miss a beat.
  • Track client communications: 360e’s integrated communication and document system gives you and your employees a simple way to keep job details, conversations, changes and other details organized and accessible. This feature saves time and avoids costly confusions.
  • Track progress on projects: Custom software for electrical contractors allows you and your workers to track job statuses and works-in-progress, along with order changes, as well as labor and job requirements. Simple-to-use tools also provide the ability to upload files, photos and supporting documents to meet your comprehensive communication needs.
  • Increase efficiency: When field agents have fast, easy access to the information they need, your operations become more efficient, which ultimately helps your clients save time and money. The software also allows you to communicate with workers in the field, streamline scheduling and improve the access that field workers have to important information.
  • Professional appearance:When a field worker has all the information needed on hand, your company appears more professional, which helps improve your reputation.          
  • Reporting: With the ability to generate custom reports, you can tell your workers specific information regarding which processes are working and if any need to be improved.

Field service management software provides you with the full picture of your business and allows you to communicate directly with your team, which leads to proactive operations. 360e enhances communications, which empowers employees to perform their best and provide unparalleled customer service. See it in action by scheduling a free demonstration.