Regardless of what success looks like to your electrical contractor business, growth and stability are the metrics you’ll use most often to determine the quality of your company overall. In both these regards, it is only natural to find a point where you hit a wall.

Typically, a business will stagnate when it simply doesn’t know how to grow, or where to place its focus. If you are searching for the next big move for your business or are just in need of some tips and pointers, we can help.

Broaden Your Network of Vendors, Facilities Managers, Teams & Local Contractors

When a client needs electrical services, you want your business to be the first thing that comes to mind. This goes for small-time residential clients but also for large-scale businesses or larger contracting companies that need reliable electricians. Many businesses focus on one or two networking paths, but there are many that have proven time and time again to be worthwhile. Some of the most notable options include:

  • Organizing meet and greets. Creating a scenario where you can show off your business and what you have to offer is a powerful way to not only get your name out there but also to make a case for why your business is the right choice for contracted work. Business owners, local contractors—leave no one out.
  • Media networking. The developing information age business world will be a far different landscape than what came before, but most of it is for the good, if you know what to do and where to look. SEO, lead generation, LinkedIn, and marketing strategies allow your electrical company the opportunity to absolutely dominate your service area.

Improve Customer Experience to Boost Word of Mouth

Mostly improving customer experience comes down to what you do best and what you do worst.

Work to improve these:

  • Your response time and the speed (and accuracy) of your quoting process
  • Improving average job completion times—this does not mean make them faster. At least, not at the sacrifice of quality.
  • Clear, concise communication with clients. No client, be they a homeowner or a large business owner, wants to feel confused, left in the dark, or like they are being taken advantage of.
  • Being sure to follow up with clients. Getting an opinion of those who use your services is the best way to identify what about your work was awesome, what was lackluster, and where you need to improve as a service company.

Organize & Streamline Your Business

Your greatest assets include your team, their level of competence and knowledge, the quality of your service and products, and time. It’s the last one that we all seem to have far too little of. To give yourself more time in the day, and to have a more productive day overall, take advantage of technology that gets your job done faster and in a more organized manner.

One of the easiest means of doing this is to utilize job management software. These tools are built to provide a wide range of support services, from scheduling and invoices to quoting, tracking, billing, and even customer management.

Bottom line, job management software is designed to keep you unchained from your desk, and more productive—and less stressed—as a whole.

Looking for more ways to grow your electrical service company? Reach out to our team at 360e or start a free trial today!