The warm months are some of the busiest for contractors as residential and commercial customers take advantage of good weather for remodeling and improvement projects. When the jobs start pouring in, electrical scheduling software is the key to staying on top of your customers’ needs and providing quality services. Preparing your workers for the extra business during the summer will help ensure they show up to service calls on time and prevent mistakes that could become safety hazards.

Common Installation and Repair Problems during Summer

  • Wrong wire size: When a wire gauge is too small, it might carry more current than it can withstand and cause overheating or fires. Equip your workers with simple wire gauge tools that allow them to determine a wire’s exact size so they don’t have to guess.
  • Insecure wiring: Not securing wires well can lead to problems with appliances, lighting issues or electrical fires. Review common mistakes (e.g., securing wires to a beam with staples that are too tight or using electrical tape instead of wire connectors) so your team knows what to look for and avoid during a service call.
  • Unprotected outdoor wires: When left exposed or unprotected, wires can experience damage. Stock up on outdoor-specific components to make it simple for workers to do the job right the first time.
  • Wrong wire length: Wires in receptacle or gang boxes that are too short can make it difficult to repair them in the future. If they’re too long, they might not fit into the box well. Wires that are stripped too much are at risk for receiving damage that could nick the metal and cause short circuits or interrupted connections. Review codes and best practices with your team to refresh their memories.
  • Loose connections: Loose electrical connections can cause overheating and arching. Be sure to review connection techniques with your team so they know the proper protocol for various wire sizes and types.

The Importance of Arriving on Time

You only have one chance to make a good first impression. Many contractors blow this chance by showing up late to a job, making tardiness one of the top consumer complaints. Every minute that a field worker is late for a job, you lose more money than you might realize. Just as you expect a customer to be at the job site at the agreed upon time, the customer expects your business to show the same courtesy.

Every time a field worker arrives late to a job, it breeds a habit of tardiness. In addition, arriving late to a job early in the day generally causes a worker to be late for the rest of the day’s appointments. Instead of one unhappy customer, you end up with a handful.

Every time one of your technicians is late, the competition will look better and better. Your competitors count on your workers’ tardiness to make them shine. You can turn this around by following these helpful tips:

  • Make it simple for yourself: Scheduling multiple workers can be difficult, especially if you use traditional calendars or whiteboards. Make the task effortless with electrical scheduling software. With a few clicks, you can see every worker’s schedule and add new jobs without the risk of accidentally double booking. The software is simple to use and allows workers to know exactly where they need to be.
  • Let field workers focus: When a field worker has to answer customer emails and phone calls, he takes his focus off the priority—the current job. Instead of allowing customers to contact field workers directly, have them contact the office instead. Doing so will improve customer service and allow workers to focus on their expertise.

Electrical scheduling software makes it simpler and faster to schedule and dispatch technicians. The time that you save by using this type of application can add up to thousands of dollars each year.

With 360e’s all-in-one field service management software, scheduling your electricians is a breeze. When a job is scheduled, 360e automatically sends an alert to field workers, so you no longer have to call techs to update them. Because the program makes it simple to see worker schedules, you are less likely to have wasteful scheduling gaps. Plus, 360e shows each customer’s service history, allowing you to make better and faster scheduling decisions. Book a free demonstration of 360e today to see how it can simplify this and other areas of your business throughout the year.