Starting a new electrical contracting business is an exciting experience, but we know it can also be nerve-wrecking. Just as you know all the dos and don’ts of the trade—the front end of the business—it’s equally important to have a streamlined way to manage the behind-the-scenes details. By starting off with the right electrical contractor software, you’ll ensure that your business i-yuivs on the road to success. The important thing to remember is to find a program that can meet your current and future needs whether you’re in the office or the field.

What to Look for in Electrical Contracting Software

When shopping around for field service management software, electricians should look out for the following features:

  • Client organization: Your software should consolidate and organize your client information and make it available to the team, both in the office and in the field. Having a streamlined database allows you and your technicians to nurture professional relationships and access information, such as past jobs or simply a phone number, with minimal effort.
  • Ability to track referrals: Referrals come from a variety of places, including real estate agents, plumbers, ads, interior designers, home inspectors and general contractors. You don’t want to miss a potential job because you accidentally forgot to follow up on an inquiry. A good software program for electricians allows you to track referrals and set up reminders about contacting them so you never miss a possible lead!
  • Versatile calendars with reminders: Look for a program that lets you perform calendar-related tasks, such as seeing your employees’ schedules so you do not double book them and setting up reminders to inspect completed jobs before warranties expire. A good program also tracks invoices that you’ve sent and automatically issues reminders to clients when payments are due.
  • On-the-spot data input and logistics: A good software program makes it simple for you to input and view data related to your business. This includes information on employee timecards, project expenses and paid invoices. It should also use that data to generate reports that will help you budget, complete accurate bids, identify inefficiencies and plan for the future.

While researching project management software, electricians just starting out should take advantage of the wisdom of successful mentors to learn what programs they use and like. At 360e, we did this research for you and used our experience in the electrical industry to provide you with a suite that’s as effective as it is simple to use. Because the needs of different electrical contractors are never alike, we tailor the program to your specific needs and design it to grow with your business. 360e is the program that works for you.