A typical electrical contractor CRM system is designed to be built once and shared by as many users as possible. If the system were an elephant, you would find thousands of individuals riding it. When this happens with CRM for electrical company workers, the elephant could slow down or even crash for long periods, which could stall operations and hurt your reputation and profits. In a shared solution, you’ll also find several features that you don’t need or want. By switching to 360e’s customizable field service software, electricians never have to compete with others trying to use the same system and will benefit from the flexibility it offers.

Breaking Away from the Pack and Getting Ahead with Custom Electrical CRM System

  • No more sharing: While sharing has a time and place, it’s not the best solution when it comes to your filed service software. 360e’s solutions are designed to meet your exact needs. Because the software is truly your own, you never have to worry about 360e crashing because of multiple users.
  • Get what you want: A typical electrical contractor CRM system is a prepackaged, mass-marketed bundle that forces you to pay for features you don’t need. 360e is completely customizable, so you only pay for the features you need.
  • Access to the latest upgrades: When you want the latest version of a software program, you often have to pay for it. Because 360e is Web-based, you’ll always have instant access to the latest version at no additional cost without the need to wait for updates to download and install.
  • Add as many users as you want: A traditional CRM for an electrical company charges for every new user you add. 360e’s standard package allows you add as many users as you want at no additional fee, keeping your costs lower as your business grows.
  • Easily add new users and control permissions: Adding a new user in 360e is as simple as entering a new administrator or employee profile in the Control Center and hitting “Save.” You don’t have to waste time contacting the software company just to setup a new account. After creating a new profile, you have total control over the parts of the system that workers can access.
  • Instant access from connected devices: 360e is Web-based software that allows you and your workers to access it from almost any device that connects to the Internet, including computers, tablets and smartphones. As a result, the office travels with your team, allowing them to get more done while on the field. Workers will never have to wait to return to the base of operations to access client accounts, create quotes, communicate with customers and coworkers, save project notes and photos, check inventory and more. The information they need will always be at their fingertips.
  • Flexibility as your business grows: When an electrical contracting business grows, it is not usual for it to develop new needs in regards to its CRM system. As long as your business uses 360e, you can customize, add and remove functions without limitations, eliminating the need to purchase new software with an unfamiliar interface.

360e is custom field service software that gives you your own elephant to personalize and ride. Requests for specific reports, modules and features are always welcome, giving you total control over your CRM system for electricians. Experience the 360e difference for yourself by setting up a demonstration and free trial today.