Growth has always been—on some level—equivalent to adding complexity, even risk, to your business. More clients and/or a higher retention rate means success in many ways, of course. But it also means more names, more numbers, more scheduling; in the end, it means managing your business becomes harder and harder, which quickly leads to inefficient operation.

Maybe a client gets lost in the cracks and never gets service, or gets service very late. Maybe you lose inventory or lose track of your team throughout the day. Or maybe your sales cycle is just slow.

This is why you should go digital. Minimize complexity, streamline your business, and eliminate the risk of making mistakes, all while letting you focus on customer experience and the quality of your work.

How Do I Know Which Job Management Software Is Right for Me?

Answer these questions:

Does the job management software simplify your customer management?

Tracking leads, generating quotes, processing new clients, scheduling new clients—from start to finish, each and every client should have an easy experience with your company. And you should have an easy experience, too. Select a job management software that specifically supports making managing your sales cycle easy.

Does the job management software streamline your job management and tracking?

Managing jobs that are currently in progress, and the teams handling them, often ends up being one of the largest time consumers for any contractor. You need software that simplifies this, preferably an option that provides:

  • Quick quote-to-job conversion
  • Job status tracking (when your team arrives, when they complete, the time it took)
  • Tracking for labor, materials, and equipment needed for each job
  • Communications tracking for calls, email, texts, and other forms of media
  • The ability to quickly upload photos and files to further improve communication between team members

How does reporting work with the job management software in question?

Understanding your sales performance and other vital metrics helps you to evaluate the health of your business as a whole through something that will never lie: good, hard numbers. But you need a system that provides easy access to those numbers—one that does not fill your screen with arbitrary templates or meaningless numbers.

Will the job management software grow alongside your business?

Remember: Job management software is supposed to allow your business the opportunity to surpass your growth limitations, not add on another one! Scalability is a big deal in good management software, and you should keep in mind that picking one that will grow according to your needs is vital.

Take Field Management Software for a Test Run

Which software works best for your business may be a completely different answer than that of a competitor or other contracting company. In addition, software providers can make a lot of promises or talk a big game. So how do you find the true answer? Take it for a spin!

Most field management software companies offer trial periods or tests, and you should absolutely take advantage of this offering before making the final call.

What Is 360e?

360e is a home services software with two big goals in mind: increase your profits while eliminating the inefficiencies that keep your business from growing and succeeding. Our software was made by contractors, enabling us to create software that hits all the high notes you need, while avoiding the excess junk that many other options can incur.

Interested in getting started with 360e? You can learn more through our online resources, or feel free to connect with us today by calling (888) 427-8017!