Web-based field service management software is more than a convenience tool. It’s a comprehensive solution that works for you, as it allows you to manage your company’s operations from a single platform. Good web-based electrical contractor management software isn’t just attractive or convenient, it resolves pain points that your company may experience.

Benefits of Web-Based Field Service Management Software

  1. Get updates to and from the field in real-time: Web-based electrician software provides authorized users up-to-the-second information—from schedule changes to permit-related updates. When you and your team receive information in real-time, you save time, prevent errors and improve customer service.
  2. Safeguard information: The beauty of web-based software is that you can gain access from almost any device that has an internet connection. If a field service agent experiences theft of a mobile device, such as a tablet or laptop, it’s simple to change the login credentials from a remote location without worrying about losing any information. Plus, you can always count on secure servers to always safeguard your company’s data.
  3. The software grows with you: Custom, web-based software gives you exactly what you need—no more, no less. As your business grows in personnel, simply add new employees and administrators without incurring additional charges or fees. Thanks to its customizable features, you can adjust how 360e works as your needs change. Since the software is web-based, you can make 360e work harder for you without the need to purchase special or additional hardware.
  4. Integration of Google Maps: Web-based software, like 360e, comes with Google Maps integrated into it. This feature allows field workers to instantly see their destinations on an up-t–date map and have easy access to driving directions. When workers have clear directions to a job site, they are more likely to arrive on time, which customers always like.
  5. Numerous backups and no lost data: Web-based software instantly saves information as soon as you and your workers input it. Because the data is saved in the cloud and not on your computer’s hard drive, you never have to worry about trying to restore lost data if a computer malfunctions. If you experience problems on one device, all you have to do is log into 360e from a different internet-connected device to access everything you need.
  6. Instant upgrades without software downloads: Software that you install on a computer requires regular downloads to keep up with the latest updates available. If you don’t have the correct operating system installed on a computer, you might not even be able to use the software program or certain features. Web-based software only requires you to have an internet connection. Upgrades occur automatically without the need to lift a finger, so you and your employees always have instant access to the latest that 360e offers.

Developed and supported in the USA, 360e is revolutionary field service management software that caters to your needs as an electrical contractor and grows with your business. Contact us today to set up a demonstration and learn how 360e can increase your profit margins.