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Whether you’re running an electrical company or another home services business, how you deal with your day-to-day job management issues will have a huge impact on your overall success.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to juggle all of the changes that plague job schedules on a daily basis! With the right job tracking software, you stay in the know around the clock about your employees and their job schedules. Job tracking is made easy!

Stay Informed About Job Needs

Contractor job tracking software helps you stay abreast of key job requirements, including code upgrades, permits, and more. You can use field management software with your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Your workers will stay more current. They can:

  • Enter material costs
  • Enter labor hours
  • Manage their schedules
  • View job instructions
  • And more!

An informed workforce is an empowered one. With continuous data about job needs, you can tackle concerns before they become real issues.

Improve Employee Time Management

Managers like to stay up to date on where their employees are and what job they are doing. Customers appreciate this as well! Job tracking software provides the data necessary from previous jobs to estimate how long projects may take in the future and how many people are needed to get it done. As a result, jobs become more efficient and quotes are given with greater accuracy.

You want greater connection with your employees while they are completing their projects. With 360e’s real-time messaging system, you can do that. It enables email posting options, which lets you keep your contractors informed about schedule updates, scope changes, and more.

View Regular Operations

Job tracking software can help you see your contractors’ job progress in real time, or spread out in a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. This visual aid is a fantastic tool for contractors who are interested in seeing what job performance looks like over time. It’s tempting to look at as your business grows!

Job tracking software provides you auto-alerting features as well. This keeps your company’s performance and best practices on track by alerting you to cost overruns or missing permits. This way, you address problems before they become out of control. The software even lets you set custom alerts according to your needs.

Position Your Company for Growth

When you can track and manage job schedules efficiently, fewer mistakes are made and there is less room for miscommunication—or need for rework. As a result, you develop better control over labor and material costs, which can help your company become more profitable and able to accept more jobs.

Keep Everything in One Place

Organization is key. A good job management software lets you easily share photos and files. You simply use the upload icon to add any file, photo, or document. Even better, the software intuitively organizes the uploaded files into the appropriate job file folders. Everything you need can be easily accessed!

Choose Job Management Software for Your Business

Your contractor management software gives you clarity amid the complexity of daily work. You no longer have field workers making panicked phone calls from the field. Your administrators have instant access to hours worked, so they no longer wait for time sheets. You will save time and money, which lets you focus on what your specific business needs most.

Whether you are an electrical contractor or plumbing contractor or you run another home service company, job management software is a must in today’s competitive environment. The 360e job management software solution puts greater control over your business right in your hands.