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Productivity is the broad term that succinctly describes how successful your team is on a day-to-day basis. Whether they are going out into the field or working in the office, how productive everyone is will determine whether or not your business succeeds and grows, or stagnates and eventually fails.

Looking to streamline the productivity of your business? 360e can help you out with some guidelines, quick tips, and advice on excellent support tools.

Maximize Jobsite Communication

No team succeeds if it can’t communicate. This goes for verbal communication, team tracking, organization, and every team interaction throughout the day.

  • Keep information clear and simple – Messages to and from the team should be clear and concise. Avoid mixing in irrelevant information or trying to multitask topics. Humans aren’t built for that—you’ll only increase the chance of sending mixed information that can get confusing.
  • Build a communication chain – Not everyone will be directly in communication at all times. This means that if you want to avoid falling prey to “phone game” style communication failure, there should be a clear chain that everyone follows. No exceptions!
  • Organize communication with contracting software – We’ll go more in-depth with this in a bit, but for now keep in mind that contracting software can keep track of orders, materials, communication between teams, and much more. It’s the simplest way to keep all of your important details readily available to everyone who needs them.

Organizing a Jobsite for Excellent Productivity

  • Jobsite safety – Nothing will kill productivity faster than having to halt a day due to a completely avoidable injury. Make sure your team keeps up with training and observes best work practices.
  • A properly equipped team – Your team arriving on-site and lacking proper equipment means very little gets done. This leads to frustration—on the part of the team, and the client—and a complete lack of productivity.
  • A healthy work environment – A bit less on the “traditional” side when it comes to productivity tips, but keep in mind how satisfied your own team is. If your contractors are exhausted, frustrated, or otherwise unsatisfied, they aren’t going to put 100% into the job.

Utilize Contracting Software to Boost Jobsite Productivity

If you’re looking to improve productivity and boost the success of your business as a whole, take advantage of the technology available to you. This is possibly the biggest tip we can offer, and one that’s only getting more relevant as businesses modernize.

Contracting software and field management tools provide major benefits to productivity through the use of:

  • Job scheduling – Never understaff or overstaff a job again. With contracting software, you see what jobs are the priority and who is assigned to them. This helps you to get teams to where they need to be, when they need to be there.
  • Powerful organizational tools – Customer databases, quote generation, times and dates, reports and alerts—contracting software keeps track of all of it, helping you to stay abreast of everything going on.
  • Communication aids – Send instruction updates with the touch of a button, and be certain that your team members actually see and understand them right away. You can also automate jobsite mapping and routing to ensure your contractors arrive on time.
  • Team tracking tools – Real-time job progress, labor and material requirements, teams on the move. You can see it all, and plan accordingly if something comes up.

If you’re looking to improve jobsite productivity with the help of superior contracting software, 360e can help. Our software was built by contractors, for contractors. Reach out about your free trial today!