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Dispatch software can change your life as a contractor. At 360e, our affordable, custom-built dispatching platform helps business run smoothly for HVAC contractors, electricians, plumbers, and similar businesses.

For companies like yours that need to closely manage field operations, our software tools offer features that help make your projects more organized—and your job easier. Here’s how our contractor field management software streamlines the dispatch process for your contracting work.

Defining Contractor Dispatch Software

Dispatch software brings unprecedented flexibility and responsiveness to the task of getting your fleet where it needs to be. The dispatch dashboard is a crucial component of our business management platform for contractors.

Dispatch software makes accurate, quick dispatch easy—and helps your business stay flexible to respond to issues that come up in the field. The dispatch function is integrated with an entire suite of contractor business management software that helps you manage all aspects of your contracting company.

The right dispatch software:

  • Boosts dispatcher productivity, since s/he can schedule new projects immediately after booking.
  • Provides up-to-the-moment field activity tracking, so you can effectively supervise and deal quickly with issues occurring in the field (issues that might otherwise trip up your day’s business).
  • Runs reports to help identify and analyze trends. You can run standard or custom reports to provide an enlightening business management overview, allowing you to clearly see ways to improve efficiency and fuel business growth.
  • Operates intuitively, so you can easily learn and train. Our field technician dispatch software uses familiar user interface conventions that you and/or your employees have seen before on the web or in other software. For instance, we provide a color-keyed interface, so you can easily get an overview of activity by glancing at your screen. You can reschedule or extend jobs with simple drag-and-drop or click-and-drag movements.
  • Makes communication easy. Enjoy instant, constant, and clear communication with field technicians via text (SMS), phone, and/or email. (It takes just a single click to put a call through.)
  • Enables instant info sharing. Our software keeps everyone on the same page. All customer info, job details, and updates (from dispatch and to/from field techs) are posted to one spot, which all can view on tablet screens or similar mobile devices.
  • Aids dispatcher with job assignments. Matching technician skills with specific projects is a breeze with tech bios/profiles and skill sets documented for quick reference in the software.
  • Makes routing extremely effective and efficient. Your dispatcher can also select the most qualified technician who is closest to the project location. Promptness impresses customers and short routes save time and miles/money.
  • Integrates dispatch with billing. Our user-friendly contractor fleet management platform integrates dispatch with all your other essential business functions, including invoicing, business intelligence reporting, and more.
  • Handles even more custom tasks! Let us know what you need! We can customize our already industry-specific tools to meet your unique business requirements.

Get Dispatch Software Designed With Contractors in Mind

Our dispatch technology helps electrical contractors, HVAC contractors, plumbers, and more to get organized and better serve customers—with less effort, plus greater efficiency and accuracy! Let us demonstrate!

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