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The job market just keeps getting more competitive. Wouldn’t you like to have an easy-to-use software solution to keep your competitive edge sharp? In today’s marketplace, it’s more difficult for a contractor to stay on top of all the job specifics without the right service contractor software. From scheduling to accounting and project management, contractor software gives you a choice of functionalities that make operating your business easier.

Which features are important for contractors? Below we’ve listed just a few reasons why it’s important for a contractor to have job time-tracking software.

The Most Important Contractor Software Features

Contractors usually use job time-tracking software for a variety of reasons. We are going to look at just four of these reasons, although there are more. Let’s look at customer relationship management, accounting and financials, team management, and scheduling.

1. Customer Relationship Management

CRM features in job time-tracking software enable you to enter your client’s contact information, or you can import it from other files. Plus, you can attach key documents related to specific jobs.

Our job time-tracking software lets you automate scheduling. You can also send reminders to your clients. You have access to search and history options, which lets you easily track the progress on each job. You can also track communication. CRM features in job time-tracking software are quite popular with contractors, and it can make a significant contribution to the success of your operations.

2. Accounting & Financials

Accounting features are essential, especially for a small to medium-sized business. These include payroll, budgeting, billing, invoicing, and cash flow options. This helps you make better decisions, even from the field, such as planning expenses and making financial forecasts on the fly. Other great features include payment tracking and change order tracking.

3. Team Management

Have more efficient team management with job time-tracking software. Along with scheduling options, you can have specific team management features that let you focus on managing team progress, activities, time tracking, and status. The gives you better coordination and keeps your teams notified of important changes to their projects.

4. Job Scheduling

Scheduling features are a key part of job time-tracking software. They are very helpful in organizing activities throughout the day, keeping the team on track and working efficiently. Scheduling options enable you to assign specific tasks to team members, assign varying levels of priority to individual tasks, and track progress.

Integrating a job time-tracking software solution impacts so many key areas of your operations. You may be surprised at how efficiently you can manage your business with our solutions. In today’s competitive marketplace, you simply cannot afford to forgo e360 service management software.

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