Customer relationship management, or CRM, relates to a process that allows a small business to learn more about a customer’s needs and behaviors so they can develop stronger ties. While traditional CRM for electrical company professionals can help improve how a company interacts with its customers, it might not pinpoint additional areas that need attention. With 360e’s field management software, electrician specialists receive the exact features they need to secure more jobs and promote loyalty.

Traditional CRM Shortcomings

  • One size does not fit all: Many CRM companies claim that their systems are perfect for your electrical business’ needs. However, you end up paying for a handful of features that you don’t need, making it more difficult to improve your earnings and succeed.

    With 360e’s custom CRM for electrical companies, you can start with the basics and expand as your needs arise.

  • No opportunities for growth: When choosing a CRM product, you must consider your business’ current status and where you want it be once the pace of sales and customer acquisitions improve. A traditional CRM system that’s designed for a variety of small businesses might not offer the features you need to succeed as your client base and operations grow.

    360e grows with you. As business picks up, you may further customize the software to meets your exact needs and supports your electrical business’ processes based on its goals.

  • Shared solutions: Many CRM applications are mass-marketed, shared solutions. The more individuals who use it, the more bogged down it becomes, increasing its potential to crash.

    You will never share your 360e System with others. As you fine-tune and customize your own solution without limitations, you’ll never have to worry about 360e slowing down or crashing.

  • Affordability: Inexpensive CRM solutions don’t always offer the tools you need. Additionally, they might lack the ability to add users, or charge high rates to do so. Depending on your operations, a full-blown CRM system might be overkill in regard to price and functionality.

    360e is committed to offering affordable field management software. Electrician company owners never pay for upgrades or per-user costs, which allows small businesses to grow and manage seasonal workers without breaking the bank. If the standard pricing packages are out of your budget, 360e is more than happy to create a pricing package or payment plan that works for you.

  • Learning curves: Some traditional CRM systems require exhaustive employee training and on-boarding processes to be effective and efficient. Depending on the program, you might need to hire training professionals to support to your team members as they learn to use the CRM software alongside their day-to-day operations and customer interactions.

    360e is designed by electricians for electricians, ensuring an intuitive, user-friendly interface easy for your business to adopt.

  • Portability: A CRM system restricted to desktop use does nothing for you in regard to productivity and efficiency when you’re in the field. You can use the software on both phones and tablets to make on-the-go invoicing and reports easier.

    360e is web-based, allowing you to work from any device with Internet access, including computers, tablets and smartphones. As users can access the full set of features from the field, they can accomplish more, improve communication and accuracy and offer customers superior customer service. With to 360e’s time tracking and project management features, it’s simple to pinpoint costly inefficiencies and promote better habits.

360e’s CRM for electrical company professionals provides the tools required to manage every aspect of your operations. Rather than solely focus on the customer experience, 360e offers comprehensive tools and insights that help you manage and improve all aspects of your customer experience from a single program. Schedule a free demonstration today to see the benefits of 360e in action.