Field Management Software Made Easy

In the home services industry, you sit in the driver’s seat, having to schedule everyone on your team. As your company grows and more jobs are booked, how you schedule and track jobs will become exponentially important.

As an electrician, plumber, or contractor, finding a business management software that properly accommodates for your demanding industry can be taxing. Thankfully, 360e has designed a state-of-the-art service management software specifically geared towards dealing with processes such as job tracking and scheduling to improve the field management process. Learn more about 360e’s features here.

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Job Scheduling Software

Never get lost in the tedious job scheduling tasks again. 360e’s custom job scheduling software allows you to:

  • View the company schedule in multiple visual formats
  • Assign employees to scheduled jobs
  • Manage individual job timelines
  • Make schedule adaptations with ease
  • Notify customers of upcoming appointments

In this fast-paced industry, sudden changes are inevitable. Flexibility and control are key when it comes to staying on top of it all. With 360e’s field service scheduling software, you can make quick adaptations to schedules and have them distributed to your crews immediately. Manage every job development as it comes, and quickly inform your team of any changes.

Take a tour of our field management software for an in-depth look at how 360e works!

Call Booking Software

Having trouble fielding incoming calls? 360e’s call booking software pulls customers’ pertinent information as they call in, so your team can take each call feeling informed and prepared. In addition, request prompts allow your reps to compose detailed service requests from all prospective customers.

Employee Scheduling & Job Scheduling with 360e

Not all jobs are simple maintenance calls. More intensive assignments require the right technicians, and their availability is paramount. In one easy step, you can check the immediate availability of all technicians, assign multiple employees to a scheduled job, and assign that job over several days or, when needed, until project completion. The integrated labor estimate tool in 360e’s software allows you to quickly calculate the cost of labor while completing the schedule or invoice for any job.

Concise, customizable visual displays give you and your employees a straightforward schedule that is easy to understand and maintain. Access the updated schedule on multiple screens and display specified schedules under any categories that meet your interests.

No more falling behind or feeling overwhelmed by scheduling inconveniences. Lock tomorrow’s schedule in place today! You can even have your whole month of scheduled appointments set in place! There is no peace of mind like the functional organization of a clearly outlined schedule.

360e is a field management software built by contractors, for contractors. Call (800) 725-9897 or visit us online to start your DEMO/FREE trial today.