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Win more jobs by giving your customers fast, accurate and professional looking quotes. From small service estimates to large, multi-part quotes, 360e’s quoting features cover all the bases, from the initial opportunity through the conversion of sold work orders.

Designed by industry professionals with over 20 years of hands on experience, 360e was created to manage the many nuances of the quoting process like multiple jobsite and billing addresses, third party contacts, outsourcing, and tracking multiple quote revisions. The flexible quote builder allows you to tackle small jobs quickly using a single short form or use its robust estimating tool to build detailed quotes using assembly groups, parts configurations and custom pricing guidelines.

From tracking leads and generating professional quotes to an easy one-click order conversion process, 360e’s sales & customer management software allows you to manage your sales cycles with simplicity while covering the important details that facilitate high closing ratios.


Get more billable hours out of your workers with fewer errors and logistical headaches. 360e’s scheduling system is designed for the fast pace of a growing contracting business while managing the critical details that keep your work teams at maximum productivity. Visual scheduling, color coding and multiple screen views allow you to see things at high level or zoom in for a closer look. The intuitive scheduling tool allows you to execute multiple actions in one step like assigning an entire work team across multiple days or setting up a recurring service call every six months, or every second Thursday. Meanwhile, your dispatch clipboard keeps all new and unscheduled work in front of you so nothing gets overlooked.

Powerful but also flexible, 360e’s scheduling system anticipates that schedules always change. Dashboard shortcuts, need-to-assign buckets and click and drag editing allow you to make fast changes without having to go back to the drawing board.

Out in the field, your work teams are empowered with everything they need for maximum productivity using any mobile device. 360e’s field module organizes their daily work schedules, work instructions and other critical details like special contacts and access codes and keeps it all at their fingertips. A quick tap of the finger will even give them directions to the jobsite.

From daily service work to large contract jobs, 360e's job scheduling software keeps you on top of your schedule and your workers informed and productive.


Real-time tracking connects the office to the field, captures details that used to go missing and delivers measurable improvement to your profit margin. From short service calls to larger contract jobs, 360e manages all of your work activity in one place while providing real time playback. Labor hours, materials use, status updates, change orders, permit details, photos and documents, even inventory are all at your fingertips. No more waiting for time sheets or waiting for progress updates. 360e’s job management and tracking software keeps things moving while keeping you informed so you don’t have to spend time chasing details. A built-in alerting system reminds you about critical job details and actions like customer deposits, permits, inspections and completion dates. Job dashboards and snapshots allow you to view progress at a high level and then drill quickly into details with a click of a mouse or tap of a finger.

360e also makes ordering materials and tracking purchase orders from your vendors easy. Using the custom parts catalog and built-in purchase ordering system you can create and send your orders directly to suppliers and then track them against their respective jobs.

Out in the field, 360e’s field module makes it easy for your workers to stay focused on the job and use their mobile devices to track time, materials, daily job notes and other details. They can also upload photos, delivery orders and other documents directly into job folders from the jobsite. Timestamping and GPS tracking protect the integrity of all tracked sessions while tracking requirements ensure that small items and details don’t go missing, like that unscheduled 30 minute repair that happened last Tuesday.

More profit, less pain. 360e’s job management and tracking softwarej keeps jobs on track while protecting profit and best practice.


Increase Profits. Improve Cashflow. Get your invoices out quickly and accurately using 360e’s intuitive billing process. No more chasing down time sheets or calling for status updates. 360e keeps track of all the details AND tells you when jobs are ready for billing. Labor hours, material use, daily job notes, jobsite photos, even permit information are all in one place so they won’t go missing or keep you waiting. This also includes small change orders and other details that can easily slip through the cracks. Prompt, accurate invoices to your customers equals faster payment with fewer discrepancies.

360e keeps you in control of your billing process with multiple options that allow you to build invoices using automated steps or custom tools that give you a full range of display controls. From small service calls to progress invoices on long term contracts, 360e makes it easy for you to work efficiently and manage invoices across a variety of billing scenarios. Meanwhile, small tracking daily job notes will fill in the gaps with any small details that could affect billing, like an additional customer request on a service call or a jobsite related complication. Once your invoices are completed, 360e will send and track them for you. This includes the tracking of payments and partial payments.

360e's billing software eliminates invoicing errors and delays while protecting profits and improving cashflow.

*360e can also integrate directly with Quickbooks and other accounting systems to make your billing process truly seamless.


Make better business decisions with metrics in hand. 360e gives you the metrics you need without having to sort through hundreds of pre-made templates. This starts with snapshots and meaningful metric displays that appear intuitively in customer profiles and elsewhere throughout the system. Meanwhile, the robust reporting tool covers everything from sales and production snapshots to roundups of best practice alerts and callback reminders throughout the system.

Intuitive, relevant, easy-to-use, 360e’s reporting system keeps you on top of business and empowers you to make informed business decisions using information that is current instead of after the fact. No more finding out from your accountant that you went way over on that job you did 3 weeks ago. Now you can see and solve problems when they start.

360e’s reporting system delivers real-time, relevant reports and metrics that keep you on top of your game and in touch with your business while it’s happening.

Need a custom report? We can do that. We understand that sometimes one great report can replace the need for five others.


360e understands that sometimes you need to zoom in and look at the details and sometimes you need to see the big picture. From Quick Stat Lists to Dashboards and Snapshot screens, 360e lets you zoom in and out of your business to keep you in the driver’s seat.

When leads haven’t been called, when permits haven’t been pulled, when jobs run over budget, 360e will tell you. It’s built-in alerting system will protect your best practice with alerts that post intuitively throughout the system. This powerful feature can also be customized to meet your speciic needs.

Document Management
360e’s intuitive Document Management System allows you to upload and store documents, photos and other files within specific customer, quote and job folders. 360e also allows you to manage and track new versions and revisions to existing files.

Messaging and Email Tracking
No more searching multiple hard drives for that lost email, 360e’s Communication Module executes and tracks all communication within specific quote and job folders, allowing you to keep everything in one place. Likewise, workers can stay connected to the main office in real-time through messaging, comments and email.

Activity Logs
360e’s built-in Activity Log will let you know when things happen exactly when they happen. The Activity Log automatically tracks every action within the system against its respective Customer, Quote and Job. Whenever an action is created, All actions are time-stamped by date, time and user.

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