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Squires ElectricPortland, OR

“360e has brought efficiency and profit to my business. This software understands the daily challenges of the contracting world and meets them head on!”

~ Joe Squires, President

  • 300 % Inceased Sales Growth in 2 years.
  • 50% Increase in Operating Efficiency.
  • Overall Rating
  • Ease of Use
  • Customer Service

To the 360e Team,

I’m a year into using 360e. What a difference! I commend your company not only for the software you have developed but for your outstanding customer service. When I look back at where my company was a year ago, and where we are today, it’s like night and day….

Like many, we were stuck with a system that failed to manage our business properly on a day-to-day basis even though we continued to throw money at it. From user/licensing hassles to lack of customization and flexibility, we felt like we were back where we started, doing things twice, struggling with our schedules and missing important job details that cost us money. 360e is a rock-star! It has dialed-in our day-to-day operations like no other system. I like so many things about this system. Here are the highlights:

I love the no per user costs. Last week, we added two electricians. I logged into the system, added the accounts, set the permissions….done. No phone calls, fees, licensing agreements, Fantastic!
SO easy to use! We trained all of our contractors on the field module in a few hours after our monthly safety meeting. They are now tracking time & materials, uploading photos, everything.
We are turning out quotes and setting up jobs faster than ever. No double entry! No cutting and pasting bids from a word doc to the work order. The small conveniences like zip code look-up, automated Google mapping for job sites and automatic time stamping really shave hours off the clock.
Dashboards are really thought through. I can zoom into any job and immediately see it’s own P&L, progress notes, change orders and the entire job history. The Job Snapshot screen is awesome!
Love the stats that show up in the customer dashboard. I get to see percentage of bids won, total revenues, profitability, A/R just by clicking into their profile, no digging! The customer rank/scoring system you created is brilliant.
Scheduling. My dispatcher wouldn’t touch the scheduling tool on our other software. He’s all over this, likes the simplicity and that he can “break the rules” (double book, overlap a job, etc) if he needs to. He also loves the “show unscheduled work” filter which isolates unassigned work.
Your alerting system is by far my favorite feature. I love that 360 alerts my team when a permit is due, when labor hours exceed estimates and when items have not been invoiced. it’s like having a quality manager inside the system protecting our best practice. The custom alerts that you created for us take this to the next level.

There are many other small items that I notice everyday but the long and short of it is that your team has taken the time to re-invent the wheel and build a system that thinks like a business, not just like another software system. It is obvious to me that you logged a lot of hours riding with electricians and sitting with schedulers and office teams before developing your product.

Finally, I like the way your company works. You are accessible, you answer the phone and your attention to the organic business process is just as strong as it is to the technical side. The services you have provided and customizations that you have been able to make to our system have translated directly into improvements that are visible in our balance sheet.

The sum of all has translated into a 30% increase in revenue to date with very little increase to operating costs. There is nothing like seeing efficiency at work in a business. Thank you to you and your team for a job well done. I will recommend 360e and your company without hesitation.

– Joe Squires, President – Squires Electric


“I first used this software at my previous work place and then launched my own
business using it. This product is exceptional from its
starting point all the way through the cusomtization is offers. The support team is stellar.”
~ Chip Duggan – Owner

“360e helped me navigate from a two-man shop to an 11 employee company in just 18 months. It’s obvious this system was created by people who understand the
contracting industry. The support team is hands on and always available”
~ Tim Chapeau – Owner

“Great system and great
support team. Every day I learn something new in this software that makes my job and my life easier. The 360 team always responds
quickly when I call and help me solve real-life business challenges.”
~ Bill Corcoran – Manager

“This software is a game changer. Quoting and scheduling have never been so easy and I love the way it connects the field to the office. Being able to
customize our 360 system makes it even better.”
~ Tim Chapeau – Owner

“Well played 360! This software is a power punch to business headaches. My quotes go out faster, my jobs are organized and getting invoices out is easy because everything is tracked and in its place. More imortantly, you guys answer the phone when I call and that has helped me dig into your system all the faster. I would recommend this software for any business in the contracting industry.”

Matt Hammerquist – Owner
Vanccouver, WA

““This software is a game changer. Quoting and scheduling have never been so easy and I love the way it connects the field to the office. Being able to customize our 360 system makes it even better.”.”

Dustin O’Rear – Manager
North Plain, OR

“The ease of converting our quotes to jobs. Making edits is very simple and user friendly. Our customers love the layout of the quotes and invoices. Great support team, awesome response time. Great value for the money spent.”

Robin Major – Manager
Ferndale, MI

“So many things that used to be a chaotic scramble are now organized and right in front of me. The real time labor and material tracking features have made it so much easier to get invoices out. The customer service is the best. Always a quick response.”

Mauna McCorkle – Office Manager
Kalispell, MT