WHY 360e?

  • Affordable Pricing
  • No Per-User Costs
  • Not a Shared Solution

What Does This Mean?


Affordable pricing means multiple pricing options to meet your company where it is. Big company software for small company pricing.
Small companies don't always have big budgets for many of the suitable solutions available so they buy software they can afford, but outgrow quickly. We offer scalable pricing so that our software can grow with you.

Our Commitment to Affordable

Affordable is one of our companies key core values. If you decide that 360e is for you, we will find a way to make it work.


Most other software companies make their money on per-user cost. This means that you have to pay them every time you add a user and you have to go through account set up every time you add a user
360e offers unlimited user accounts that you can setup yourself eliminating cost and unnecessary red tape.


The Elephant theory defined
Most other systems are designed to be built once and shared by as many users as possible. So if your system was an elephant, there would be one elephant with 1,000s of people riding it. The problem is that if there are too many people riding the elephant at the same time it slows her down until the point she may even crash, possibly staying down for hours at a time.
The other problem is that because you are sharing your system/elephant with thousands of other users, you are unable to treat it like it's your own. Your needs get averaged out amongst thousands of other users all sharing the same elephant.


With 360e, everyone gets their own elephant. That means you can fine tune and customize your system without limitation. Need a specific module, report or feature developed? Not a problem!
We also offer business-building services to support the organic side of business development. Look to us for process improvement, team-building, efficiency assessment, growth strategies, and more!

Give us 15 minutes, we’ll give you your weekends back!