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You’ve likely heard a fair bit about service management software at this point. And maybe, as an electrical contractor, your interest is piqued. But in the end, choosing to take advantage of new tech always boils down to the why.

Why should you use management software for electricians? The following are five strong reasons.

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1.    It Makes Doing Your Job Simpler

In managing a business, time is everything—and there’s never enough of it to go around. The vast majority of any electrical contractor’s day isn’t rewiring or installing lights. It’s usually taken up by calls, texts, voicemails, and worst of all, loads of rework and paperwork.

Job management software connects all of these things to simplify your work day and lessen the load!

2.    It Helps You Stay Cost-Efficient

In order to keep an eye on your business’ growth as an electrical contractor, you have to track labor, parts, recoveries. And then from there, you need to measure profitability and employee performance in addition to a wide range of other factors.

Job management software makes keeping up with all of the big and small metrics simple. Not only that, but the software also offers features that can generate actionable reports and sales performance statistics for you, which makes noting areas where you’re doing great—and areas that need attention—fast and easy.

3.    Job Management Software Minimizes Mistakes

To err is human, but your clients won’t see it that way! A one-off mistake is easy enough to recover from, but clerical errors, misquotes, poor scheduling, and problems with keeping your workforce on the same page can quickly bury even a well-established electrical contractor.

Through the tools of a powerful management software making mistakes becomes far less likely. Document management, auto-alerts, employee tracking to see when a technician arrives on site or when one is free for a call: It’s hard to mess up when you have an answer for everything and a tool to reach anyone, at any time.

4.    Job Management Software Improves Your Customer Service

“Quality customer service” is the promise that nearly any business makes, but not all contractors can follow through. This could be for many reasons, but realistically, it’s often about time or organization. Being able to quickly provide professional, accurate quotes. Being able to pull up a client’s history. Speedy invoices. All of these are vital, and none of them are easy to do at the speed that a consumer wants you to do them.

What’s the answer? You guessed it—a good management software can do it all by helping you keep track and assisting in generating, tracking, maintaining histories, and more.

5.    It Allows You the Freedom to Move While You Manage

Attempting to manage a business in the old ways of a landline, a pager, and a truckload of filing cabinets only does one thing: chains you to a desk.

Hands-on has never been easier when you can take all of the tools you have in your office, simplify and improve them, and then put them in your pocket or the console in your service vehicle. Job management software lets you manage more efficiently, more effectively, and allows you the freedom to be mobile while doing so.

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