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Time is money. If you’re not tracking your electricians’ time, you may not have an accurate picture regarding how many hours your employees actually work, how much to bill a client, and where productivity shortcomings fall. By adding electrical time tracking software to your processes, your electrical business will be more efficient and proactive.

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Benefits of Using Time Tracking Software for Electricians

  • Avoid worker error: Employees tend to round up the number of hours worked with manual time tracking systems. With time-management software, you’ll receive more accurate timesheets.
  • Avoid inaccurate billings: Nothing is more frustrating than a client calling you, saying you billed them for 3 hours, but they swear your electrician was only there for 2 hours. Not much you can do except credit the client an hour and save face; that is unless your electrician digitally time stamps his work orders. Now your reply to the client will be, “Well we logged in at 12:02 and 23 seconds, and we logged out at 3:04 and 18 seconds. That’s a few minutes over 3 hours, but we rounded down. So what is your question again?”
  • Quote accuracy: When you know how long it takes your workers to complete different tasks, you can provide clients with estimates and budgetary projections that are more accurate.
  • Economic benefits: Time-tracking software can reduce payroll expenses by up to 9%. The ability to track worker hours in real time eliminates the need for employees to remember how much they worked.
  • Increased efficiencies: Seeing exactly how employees spend their time in the field and between activities allows you to identify areas that need improvement.
  • Save time: How much administrative time does your company spend on reminding workers to turn in timesheets, tracking down timecards, calls to the field, and trying to read sloppy handwriting? Electrical time tracking software removes these hassles, reducing the time spent on payroll by up to 50%.
  • Increased transparency: A time-tracking program provides evidence regarding how much time workers spend in the field in the event that a client has questions regarding labor costs or the accuracy of an invoice.

Time tracking software for electricians allows contractors to measure job profitability and worker efficiency, making it an essential component of any modern electrical contracting company’s toolbox. 360e is a software suite designed specifically for electrical contractors. Its built-in activity logs and job management capabilities are simple to use and track every action in real-time from the convenience of a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

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