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Do you need tips as a first-time project manager in your industry? Project management is a big part of an electrical contractor’s job. It’s also a difficult job. Project management is so vital to every business’ success that some individuals earn certifications and advanced degrees in the subject. The good news is that you don’t have to.

With 360e’s project management software, electricians have access to an all-in-one scheduling and management tool that will help you complete your jobs on time and within budget. This solution makes it simpler to collect the information your team needs, create schedules, communicate to all the parties involved, and so much more. With all the internal and external factors that could lead a project off course, taking the right steps toward staying organized becomes exponentially easier with the help of software designed for your field of work.

Successful project management begins before a job’s official start date. With the right planning, preparation, and follow-through, you’ll minimize interruptions that can have a major impact on your best-laid plans.

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Tips for Becoming a Better Project Manager

What are project manager principles you can apply to your company? When it comes to running your home services company and maintaining projects as you grow, we highly recommend following the steps below:

1. Regularly participate in project management and management training.

In the world of Fortune 500 companies, managers consistently attend training sessions to learn new skills and the latest techniques. Colleges, business training institutes, consulting agencies, and industry conferences offer project management training. Training courses are also available online. Take advantage of every opportunity available.

2. Know the big picture and the details.

It’s not enough to know the end game of a project. You need a detailed project scope in writing, complete with smaller goals, a detailed timeline, and budget. Having complete information provides you with a solid foundation and keeps the project in perspective. It helps team members understand their role and responsibilities within the project. It also allows you to see how actions affect current and future efforts.

3. Create measurable goals and track progress.

Simply getting the job done is not enough. Every goal that you establish for a project—big and small—should be measurable. Doing so allows you to recognize your team’s strengths and identify inefficiencies that need correction. Measurable goals are as simple as setting a deadline for the installation of receptacles throughout a building to acquiring a specific number of leads in a month using a new marketing campaign.

With 360e’s project management software, electricians can track details, including labor, materials, and equipment for each job, and sales performance. You can also track specific metrics, such as the job-to-quote ratio or the number of unsubmitted quotes.

4. Manage project risks.

Changes and hiccups along the way are inevitable, such as “scope creep,” when the client wants one more little thing. Early organization allows you to integrate the unexpected into your plan. As you prepare for a project, determine all the risks that may happen—from natural disasters to workplace injuries to changes in the outlet covers’ color. Then identify the likelihood of each risk. If any are “likely” or “most likely” to happen, create a contingency plan for each or determine the best corrective actions to mitigate identified risks. Perform risk management with your crew every week of a project.

As a project manager, keep in mind that you might have to halt a project if a risk is unacceptable.

5. Select your crew members wisely.

When choosing members for your team, make sure their skills align with their roles. Set everyone up for success. Then ensure that everyone clearly understands what you expect; encourage questions if there are any uncertainties.

6. Plan to communicate.

Create a communications plan with your team and follow it. Use 360e to simplify this mission-critical task. With this project management software, electricians can send each other messages, post updates, make notes in client files, upload and view photos, monitor activity logs, and read status updates in real time using a smartphone, laptop or tablet.

7. Procure.

Obtain all the supplies and resources your team needs as far in advance as possible. Use 360e to monitor inventory and the status of quotes, contracts, and permits.

8. Evaluate the project upon completion.

Do this on your own or with your team. Use the evaluation to identify your crew’s successes and areas of improvement. 360e’s reporting capabilities help simplify this process. Determine what could have been done differently and implement those changes in the future. Project management is a big undertaking, regardless of a project’s size. 360e supports managers with simple-to-use, comprehensive organization and communication tools that are available on any internet-connected device. Sign up for a complimentary demonstration today.

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About 360e Project Manager Software for Electricians

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Why choose 360e? 360e is all-in-one quoting, scheduling, tracking, and billing software designed to simplify your life as you grow your business. Built by electrical contractors, for contractors, 360e is a sales and project management software that was developed with you in mind. Manage every aspect of your business, from payroll and job management to dispatch, call booking, invoicing, and more. Whether you’re looking to install scheduling software or management software for your contractor company, 360e can provide you crucial support.

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