Man jumping with building plans and house in backgroundCustomer relationship management is about more than returning phone calls and being polite to your clients. It’s about fostering the customer experience and the relationship with your brand throughout all interactions to exceed expectations and increase satisfaction and loyalty. On your own, this is a big undertaking. Thankfully, using field service software designed for electricians makes it simple to maintain a well-managed customer database and gain a more complete understanding of your clients. The result is a tailored experience that not only increases customer retention rates, but also prompts invaluable word-of-mouth referrals and generates growth.

Why a CRM for Electricians is Crucial for Business Success

Knowing your customers’ true needs isn’t something that happens with a single phone call or meeting. It’s knowledge that you gain by examining all customer touch points in your business, which are the interactions your customers have with your brand. Touch points can include social media, your website, email, meetings and phone calls.

Field service software for electricians, like 360e, is similar to CRM software. In addition to storing sales leads and creating reports, it also allows you to create, save and access customer profiles, project notes, permit information, schedules and more, so you never miss a beat. Imagine talking to a customer on the phone and being able to create a quote, schedule a job, log inventory and upload a permit! 360e software does just that, preventing misunderstandings and wasteful games of catch-up. When employees have this type of information at their fingertips, they can deliver exceptional customer service from the moment they say, “Hello.”

In today’s high-tech fast-paced world, managing the customer experience is a practice with a tangible business value. Contractors that do it well are those that experience the greatest revenue boosts, brand preference, customer loyalty, word-of-mouth advertising and cost reductions. They also experience the greatest efficiencies. Field service software automates repetitive and time-consuming tasks, prevents duplications, improves marketing campaigns and simplifies customer service processes. The time savings that field service software offers not only reduces operating costs, it also allows workers to respond to more calls and complete work faster. While the electrician without the software is busy writing down a customer’s contact information for the third time or hunting down a lockbox code, the professional with access to field service software is shaking a customer’s hand, entering a quick note on his smartphone, and moving on to the next project.

360e for Electricians

When searching for field service software or a CRM solution, look for a platform designed by electricians for electricians. 360e’s customer management features include:

  • Simple to use platform: 360e is never complicated. Programmers designed the software specifically for your industry, so you don’t have to wade through features that you’ll never use to perform a task. The intuitive design makes using 360e seem like second nature.
  • No double entry: 360e saves time and reduces human errors. Once you fill in a customer’s details, the program enters the information on various forms, including quotes, bills, orders and correspondences. Once you input information about a customer, your crew can view in real time from any internet-connected device.
  • Customer-focused: 360e allows you to be proactive instead of reactive about customer service. Use it to track leads and sales opportunities. Create accurate, professional-looking quotes in a matter of minutes. Save notes and upload photos about jobs, estimates and more. Use the communication log to track phone conversations and emails. Never worry about missing permits or going over budget with the system’s auto alert features.

Numerous studies show that contractors that use field service software for electricians surpass the competition in productivity gains and growth. You cannot afford failing to deliver the high level of customer service that consumers seek. Learn more about how 360e can help you maximize the value of each touch point and improve the customer experience by scheduling a personal demonstration today!