To do a job effectively and efficiently, technicians need the right tools. While multimeters, pliers and other manual tools are essential; field management tools should also include software that simplifies job functions, communication, time and inventory tracking and documentation. 360e’s custom field management software makes every area of an electrical contracting business more efficient, allowing you to better manage processes, increase productivity, improve customer service and boost the bottom line.

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Solving Problems and Equipping Electricians with Field Management Software

  • Improved scheduling: When you have multiple workers in the field, it is simple to make scheduling errors using traditional scheduling methods. 360e makes it simple to schedule technicians and has features that prevent double-booking and wasted time, allowing your business to complete up to 47 percent more jobs each day.
  • Access to information: Waiting on information about a project, permits or agreements reduces productivity. Field management software provides workers access to all the information they need in real time on a mobile device, allowing them to complete jobs 20 percent faster.
  • Last-minute changes: Up to 50 percent of rework is the result of change orders, as it’s simple for a field worker to miss last-minute changes after dispatching him. 360e alerts workers of changes, which anyone can input from the office or field, preventing rework related to change orders.
  • Improved communication and reduced delays: Slow response times are often the result of workers having to sift through files or ask others for progress updates on scheduled jobs. Field management tools increase response times by up to 50 percent because workers use their mobile devices in the field to post update, track materials used, track labor hours and learn the latest updates about permits and other important matters. Access to all of this information in real time helps workers provide great customer service from the moment they interact with a client.
  • Faster, more accurate estimates: One mistake on a quote can put your operations in the red or cost you new business, as can delivering a quote too late. Software for electricians allows you create accurate quotes each and every time. Companies that use software-generated quotes win up to 90 percent more business and 60 percent more quotes.
  • Track workers: In a typical electrical contracting business, the main office often has no idea about where 40 percent of field workers are at any given moment. With 360e, you can monitor productivity and know exactly where workers are within moments.
  • Access to more information: When someone calls the office to check on the status of a service request, the person who answers the phone won’t know this information 80 percent of the time. Field service software that shows you the location of workers enables anyone with access to the program to check on an individual’s estimated arrival time. 360e provides you with this type of information and more, including details about the bottom line, inventory items, the revenue that each employee generates, the cost of mobilizing a project, lead conversions, job progress and metrics.
  • Do more with less: Cutting back on your workforce doesn’t mean that you can’t keep up with service calls. The efficiencies that 360e offers enhances worker productivity so much that even a business with 65 percent fewer employees can generate the same revenue of a full team.
  • Improve the bottom line: The efficiencies that field service software creates provide a return of $2.60 for every $1 that you pay for direct labor. As a result, the increases in productivity can double profits. In the end, electrical contracting companies that don’t use a quality software program lose money.

Productivity losses, complicated bids, poor communication and human error don’t have to be part of running a business. 360e is a custom software system that was designed for electricians. It has proven to be an invaluable tool that will place you ahead of the competition. Our specialists are happy to provide training and data migration services to make using 360e easy from the start. Get in touch to arrange for a personal demonstration.

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