Today’s world is more mobile than ever. In fact, Cisco predicts that the number of mobile devices that individuals own will exceed the world’s population 1.5 times by 2020, representing an eightfold growth in just five years. With mobile devices being a crucial component of an electrical contractor’s business, shouldn’t CRM systems for electricians be mobile as well? With field workers and sales representatives spending more than 50 percent of their workdays out of the office, the use of electrical software only on office-based computers will keep contractors from realizing their full potential. By switching to mobile software, you’ll give workers the tools they need to work more efficiently and improve customer satisfaction.

Why You Need a Mobile CRM for Electricians

  • Meet customer expectations: In today’s fast-paced world, customers want instant results. They want you to know they can reach someone when they call. They don’t want to wait up to 48 hours for an estimate. CRM software that can be accessed from any mobile device with an internet connection, like 360e, allows you to access customer information while they’re on their phone, along with notes related to their customer history with your company. It also allows workers to instantly create and send quotes, as well as maintain better communications. An increase in customer satisfaction equals an increased bottom line.
  • Increase productivity: A good CRM system alone can increase productivity by up to 34 percent, accuracy by 40 percent and sales by up to 29 percent, according to Salesforce. Adding a mobile CRM system to the mix can boost productivity another 15 percent. Productivity is increased by helping to automate and streamline monotonous tasks, so workers waste less time and make fewer mistakes. The various reports that the software generates allow you to identify areas that need improvement or celebrate wins.
  • Improved information: Paper files and customer information in a database that you can only access at the office are useless to workers in the field. Mobile CRM’s for electricians gives workers access to complete, secure information wherever they are. It allows them to update customer files on the spot, while the information is fresh. Access to real-time information lets workers to troubleshoot with off-site team members so they can finish a job faster, make the customer happy and move on to the next job.
  • Increase sales: Task management features make sure that you never miss customer requests and respond to customers faster. Mobile CRMs also help retain current customers and nurture prospective ones by organizing and tracking leads, and managing lead conversions. When customer engagement improves and turnaround times reduce, sales cycle durations also reduce. This means that workers spend less time completing jobs and more time with new leads, all while improving customer service.
  • Release the tether to the office: Mobile CRM software for electricians allows you to complete the same tasks in the field that you once had to do at an office computer—from scheduling to tracking jobs to sending invoices to generating reports. 360e pairs well with accounting software and other programs that you may already use, allowing historical data to merge and efficiencies to increase.

Most individuals already carry a smartphone with them wherever they go because it’s convenient. Convenience breeds comfort and, ultimately, efficiency. With web traffic from mobile devices continually on the rise, embracing electrical CRM mobile technologies will take your contracting business to the next level and ahead of the competition. Learn more by contacting 360e and scheduling a free demonstration.