The market boasts a variety of CRM systems that work for a variety of industries. These one-size-fits-all systems, however, don’t always produce the results you seek, leading to abandoned projects, failed growth and damaged customer relationships. Using the right electrical contractor software with a customized CRM system is important and urgent, as it will make you more competitive within your market.


Why Choose All-in-One Electrical Software with a Customized CRM System

  1. It’s simpler to use: CRM software that is customized to your specific needs matches your company’s data model and workflows, making it simpler to navigate. Because personalized electrical contractor software is organized the same way that you organize your own work and run your business, it’s more intuitive, efficient and grows with your business. Custom solutions give you the ultimate control and allow you to decide how they work.
  2. Save money: When a custom CRM system for your electrical contracting business works the way that you want it to, the return on investment (ROI) is almost immediate. In fact, it may cost you more to not use one. You’ll also experience financial savings when there are no per-user costs, costs to make changes, and employees aren’t diverted from their primary roles.
  3. See the analytics you want: Flashy graphics and dashboards don’t mean a thing if the information on them isn’t useful. A custom CRM system lets you choose the metrics that you want to see, allowing you to find and fix problems faster.

The right CRM system aligns your business processes with customer strategies, allowing you to increase profits as well as build customer loyalty and retention with time. 360e is an all-in-one electrical software program that’s custom-made for your business. It’s designed by electricians for electricians with extensive customization options to support your company’s operations, goals and CRM efforts. Contact 360e today to learn more and arrange a personal demonstration.