What’s the one thing that you’ll find in abundance in an electrical contractor’s office or project site? Records in paper form. From notes to requisitions to quotes, records are essential to keeping your business on track. Even more essential, however, is how you file and organize those documents. To stay organized with minimal effort, all-in-one software for electricians will help you stay on top of your company’s moving parts so you can focus more on what matters most—providing the best service to your customers.

Benefits of All-in-One Software for Electricians

  • Simple dispatch and scheduling: Electrician software gives you yearly, monthly, weekly and daily views of your company’s projects and workers. Use the flexible scheduling features to place employees in the field without the risk of double booking them, add emergency calls, re-assign jobs and more with a few clicks of a button.
  • Flexible access: Thanks to the internet, you’re no longer tied to an office computer to access business management software. Good electrician software allows you to send messages, as well as input, access and update data using a tablet or smartphone.
  • Employee time tracking: Eliminate paper timesheets and know exactly how long employees are in the field to simplify payroll, increase productivity and create quotes that are more accurate.
  • Customer management: Stop sifting through file cabinets and save space. Field service software lets you manage, organize and access customer records—from quotes to invoices—in one central location.
  • Paperless invoices: Save on paper and stamps by emailing invoices to your clients. Electrician software gives you the ability to create invoices in the field and combine multiple work orders to simplify billing tasks.
  • Simplified accounting: Good field service software provides accounting solutions and works well with your current accounting software, allowing both to work in tandem to prevent costly mistakes and duplicate entries.

360e’s software for electricians gives you access to your data from a customized central dashboard. Our all-in-one solution provides all the specific tools that electricians need throughout the day—from creating work orders to closing out jobs—to simplify your administrative tasks and increase profits. Take the 360e tour and arrange for a personal demonstration today.