We understand that everything your electrical contracting company does have a cost. By evaluating its processes and the respective impacts on labor using electrical contracting business management software such as 360e, you’ll identify inefficiencies and their impact on the bottom line. The same software can also help you increase productivity so all tasks add value, or revenue, and create a supportive environment that connects the dots between income and output.

Common Electrical Contracting Inefficiencies

  • Double-booking technicians: When you don’t have your technicians’ schedules at your fingertips, accidentally over-booking them leads to a loss of client trust. Scheduling management software lets you easily schedule jobs and view labor estimates.
  • Inconsistent technician time tracking: Have you ever received a call from a client saying you billed him for 3 hours, but he swears you were there for 2 hours? With 360e’s down to the minute digital time stamping by your electricians, this argument will be eliminated.
  • Unanswered requests for work: Work requests left in limbo are missed opportunities. 360e alerts you when leads need a call.
  • Underbidding jobs: Giving a client an incorrect estimate reflects poorly on your business. Electrician estimating software allows you to create accurate bids with hourly labor cost estimates, material and equipment costs, overtime contingencies and comparisons with past projects. The software also converts quotes into active jobs with the click of a button.
  • Lack of preplanning: To get your technicians and projects started with minimal downtime and re-mobilization, you must be able to see the big picture and get as much done ahead of time as possible. This includes creating schedules and materials lists, completing spec reviews, addressing safety considerations and so on. Job management software provides this big picture and allows you to create punch lists.
  • Lack of communication: When crews don’t receive real-time project updates, it leads to frustration, re-work, overtime and disorganization. Field service management software allows you and your crew to view, input, update and change information instantly. You can also upload photos, send messages, and create alerts regarding changes to mitigate slow responses.
  • Missed change orders in the field. You know, where the client asks your electrician to add a dimmer at the end of the job, and it doesn’t get written down a week later when he turns in his coffee stained, crumpled up work order. Even worse, is when you get a call to warranty that dimmer you never billed for in the first place. With 360e’s job tracking capabilities, this will no longer be an issue.
  • Pictures. Whoever said a picture is worth a 1000 words wasn’t kidding. Taking a picture of that burned plug you replaced is both irrefutable evidence, and a sign that your company embraces technology. I’m pretty sure your competition doesn’t email pictures of completed work to their clients.

Electrical contracting software like 360e that was specifically designed for you, will allow you to plan, control and improve project hours to increase productivity and revenue.

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