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Deductions that Save Electricians Major Cash

Tax season doesn’t have to seem like a nightmare to your bottom line. Part of setting your small business up for success is maintaining good bookkeeping records that track all your expenses. Simple items that you may not have considered could count as electrician tax deductions that reduce the blow when you pay Uncle Sam. [...]

The 5 Money Pits

Every business has its pain points, those everyday headaches that interrupt workflow, cause headaches and shave dollars off your profit margin.  Do you know what yours are and how much they cost you. Before we developed 360e, our team spent 18 months working inside an Oregon-based electrical contracting company.  We rode in the trucks with [...]

Keeping Good Job Notes Can Save You Big Bucks

Using a shared source for daily progress updates, job notes and other feedback can save big bucks.  From daily service call histories to small change orders, using a shared feedback system can put thousands of dollars back in your company’s pocket.  The ability to post and share information in real-time keeps work moving without interruption, [...]

Change Orders – Keeping Work Moving and Everyone Informed

From 20-minute side jobs to multi-thousand dollar scope changes, change orders share a simple common denominator - keep work moving, track the information somewhere and establish a clear proper protocol for approvals. Here are some of the most common scenarios that we witness on a regular basis. SCENARIO ONE - “WHILE YOU ARE HERE” A [...]

Invoicing And Collecting From The Field. Does It Pay Off?

Healthy cashflow is something we all want for our business, but should you utilize your billable workforce to do your billing and collections?  This is one of the top questions for growing electrical contracting businesses.  At first glance this is a no-brainer, especially for companies who do a lot of T&M work.  After all, who [...]

Where’s The Money? Do You Know What Your Real Overhead Is?

Have you calculated everything into your established overhead margin, including changes to the business that happen over time? Do you know what your true operating costs are? The better your understanding of this value is, the fewer surprises you will find in your balance sheet at year’s end. Before digging too deep here, this piece [...]

Have You Seen My Quote? 3 Reasons Why Sales Opportunities Get Lost To Inefficiency

Are your quotes kept where everyone (authorized) can find them?  How do you track revisions? How quick do you get your quotes out? An efficient and reliable quoting process will keep you on the competitive front edge, win more bids and improve job profitability. Inefficient and unreliable quoting systems are top of the pain list [...]

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